Rachel and I have created a number of starter fitcrews to give everyone an idea of our vision of small group exercise.

 The recipe is simple, the first ingredient is passion. We like to start with a shared passion like hiking, mountain biking, tennis, new moms, Knox Mountain walkers or trail running. This gives us the ability to personalize the Fit Missions and Challenges to the fitcrew's passion.

Next, we like to add a dash of fitness level. See what others are doing and if that matches with your own fitness level. If the fitcrew has a training objective of running a sub 30 minute 5K and you've never run a 5K, that fitcrew may not be the best fit for you.

The final ingredient is results. Do you share the same goal of the fitcrew mates? Maybe the fitcrew is interested in each member losing 10lbs but you want to gain 5lbs? Then their personalized training program is going to be at odds with your goal. Find a fitcrew that is about bulking up rather than one that is about slimming down.

As we get started it might be hard to find the perfect fit but close is good enough in fitness because simple modifications can change a workout entirely. The most important ingredients to a great fitcrew is ultimately motivation and accountability. Does your fitcrew motivate you to finish the fit missions, aim to meet the challenges and keep you accountable to reaching your objectives? If they do then that is ultimately the best fitcrew for you.