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Fitcrew Finder
Fitcrew Finder

Browse the fitcrews or let us help you out. We want to make sure that you are in a group of positive people that are in the same fitness 'league' as you and have similar goals they'd like to achieve.

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Welcome to Kelowna Fit. A new, professionally moderated community fitness experience that gathers actively aligned people together to motivate each other to greater results.

What do I look for in a fitcrew?

Rachel and I have created a number of starter fitcrews to give everyone an idea of our vision of small group exercise.

The recipe is simple, the first ingredient is passion. We like to start with a shared passion like... (More)

Form or find your Fitcrew today! A Fitcrew is a group of friends that want to reach a fitness goal together. You can form your own fitcrew or we can help put one together for you.